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Tina Tsou


some pre-Nuke renders for project Tiny Vikings

WIP. VIking #2 almost done.

30 Minute Zbrush sculpt

30 Minute Zbrush sketch

Tiny Viking sculpt ready for texturing

30 minute zbrush sculpt. yesterday’s and today’s. 

My first ever ZBrush model. The shirt needs a bit more work, but it’s mostly there. 

This wombat is afraid of the dark

Coming to life! Character modeling, pre-fur.

Expect to see more wombats for the next few weeks.


Felt like drawing a stair car today. 

I turned an old T-shirt into a cat!

Chinatown ID take-out menus are in! Three things I love: 1) food 2) kawaii food 3) mickey mouse feet.